Suggestions for wireless HDMI playback on HDTV?

I want 1080P playback from my desktop to my HDTV without wires.

Can anyone recommend the best hardware to do this?
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  1. Do you have an Xbox 360. If so you can always use it as a Media Extender and have access to all your movies, music and pictures. I've been doing this for years, works great for me.
  2. PS3 can do the same but neither supports many file types. mkv etc what kind of tv, it have wifi? your comp?
  3. I may be buying a new TV so tips as to brands/features would be helpful.

    The computer is just an AMD A8 APU with HDMI out on the mobo and wireless N.
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    I don't think anyone even came close to answering your question, they seem to think your trying to find another device to stream your content as opposed to just a wireless hdmi connection. I believe your looking for a device like this, this will only work if both your computer and hdtv have hdmi which im assuming they do.
  5. Is this possible ?
    If yes then I would have it too. My pc and tv are so far apart.
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  7. 185$ ? That's not fair
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