How to install an email program for windows 7

How to install a email program? Thank you. Barbara Williams
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  1. you could try using windows live mail,launch internet explorer,drop down your favorites list and go to the windows live folder icon on the favorites menu and click on the live mail and set up an account with microsoft.....oh and you really shouldnt post your email adress for safety reasons
  2. Windows Live Mail:


    Between the two, I use Thunderbird myself.
  3. Two additional options:
    1). You can use outlook (not outlook express). Only use if you have a copy of microsoft office that Includes it (not on the cheaper versions). If don't have, don't buy as to expensive. I useOutlook, but had a free company issed Office suite.
    2) if you have access to to computer with vista windmail, you can port this to a Win 7 installation. not the easiest method. had to do that for wife as she liked the Vista win mail program.
  4. barbw62 said:
    How to install a email program? Thank you. Barbara Williams

    Windows live mail has worked well for me. It is free, and supported by ms update.

    Download from here:

    In order to set up the mail program, you will be asked for your e-mail address and full name and e-mail password. The necessary account will then be set up for you.

    While you are at it, if you do not already have some sort of virus protection, Windows security essentials is free, easy, unobtrusive, and supported by windows update:
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