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Hi guys,

I've been experiencing small problems ever since I built my PC. My first concern is in the fact that there is no POST beeps, or anything for that matter coming out of the built in speaker on the motherboard.

However, I recall booting up my PC about a week ago and there was an immediate beep heard, single, short.

In the meantime I've found that my memory module is broken with a bootable memtest so I replaced that.

My new module is fine, I've tested it over night and a bit more (decided to stop at 11:40 mark). I guess that takes memory out of the question.

However, this night I powered up my PC only for it to shut down after a couple of seconds and boot up automatically shortly after that. I am running my PC through an UPS device which is apparently working fine. I have shut down the PC again and experienced a completely normal boot. I recorded a video of the POST code thing, written down all the codes and it seems as if there are no errors whatsoever.

Browsing through the web I've found that the single beep on my motherboard indicates a Refresh failure - however this has only occured once.

My motherboard model is this - Intel® Desktop Board DZ77BH-55K, and here is information related to beeps.

I've made a video just to show you how there are no beeps, only the chime prior to windows loading screen @0:44 (is that it? :\)]

Also, I am running my PC on a UPS device, and my PSU is Corsair TX650v2 (overkill for an i5-3570k, a single HDD, an optical drive and a memory stick).

Hope I've made my self remotely clear and would love to hear your guys' opinions.

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  1. This is the message I received a couple of times before and today:

    “The system BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempt(s). Possible causes include recent changes to BIOS Performance options or recent hardware changes. Press 'Y' to enter BIOS Setup or press 'N' to cancel and attempt to boot with previous settings."
  2. Have you tried updating your BIOS?

    also sounds like your motherboard is fucked up... when you got that memory slot replaced was the entire mobo replace or what? also have you tried updating your BIOS?

    Also are you using a sound card?

    and also check for your ATX-12V(probably not the issue but does not hurt to try)
    Hope this helps! :D
  3. Thanks for your reply Panicmaster85.

    Keep in mind that there is a case fan on the bottom which was blowing into the microphone of my cellphone while recording so there are plenty of weird noises, also my power supply started to vibrate so I pushed it around a bit... it's a crappy case. Is there any other reason you think my motherboard is fucked up?

    I only replaced the memory stick.

    No, I haven't tried updating my BIOS - mainly because I've read a lot about additional problems after people updated it. This is a rather small problem and it's very random so I really don't know should I update it...

    Currently I am not using ANY expansion cards, haven't overclocked, nor changed any settings in the BIOS.

    Thanks for these links, I'll give that a good read... also, my computer is generally very stable, ran through intel burn test successfuly, as well as prime95 over night.
  4. yes deffinetely update your bios here is a link to how(make sure you know how but there a low risk of danger as long as you do as your suppose to)
    also were there any recent storms that could have shocked your mobo... do you run out of a surge protecter?
    as well be sure to check your connections

    also does your computer start at all?

    one more suggestion try clearing your cmos
  5. Hey, thanks for your reply again.

    There were no storms here, and yes I do run out of a surge protector with battery backup. Connections should be fine as I triple-checked that.

    The computer starts and works great, it's just that there are these strange instances when it shuts down before the boot splash screen. It happened three times in about a month and I simply can't find the cause for this. Memory wasn't the problem, because this happened with the old defective module, as well as recently with the new one (which is fine, tested).

    If the problem happens again, I will update my BIOS; I've read about the new update causing some problems and I can't mess with that now since I'm writing some important assignments.
  6. yeah i do think that it is your bios because somthing similar happened to me and once i updated my bios it just stopped happening
  7. Just to confirm that the problem has been solved. I updated the BIOS, experienced another week of random shutdowns, after which time the problem simply... vanished.

    Thanks for your contribution, PanicMaster85!
  8. NO problem! :D really glad i was able to help! dont forget to pick a best answer for anyone else who was having these problems
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