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So I was having problems with my games crashing on me and couldnt fix the problem so I ended up re-installing windows and starting from scratch and problem was solved. Now after testing it for a few weeks Its stable and want to start multimonitor support. I like using my TV for netflix and such media. Now to the actual problem.

I have a 1080P 40" tv. It is only showing up in a 1360x768 resolution. When I was having the games crash on me It let me set it to 1080p just like my monitor. For some reason it wont let me do that now though. I have tried using CCC and Windows 7 display features but cant seem to get my TV to the proper resolution. Drivers for AMD are up to date and everything. Its connected just fine through Mini display port to hdmi so that shouldnt be an issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Are you SURE it is an 1080p TV and not a 1080i TV? Sometimes you will see TVs advertised as 1080i and they will be some "odd" resolution like you list when you look at the particulars of the TV. The TV hardware will just scale a 1080p image to the TVs resolution. If you aren't careful, it's easy to just see the 1080 and ignore the letter after it.
  2. Yea, i'm positive its 1080p in fact here it is on amazon
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