Need help picking the right cpu for a custom computer I'm building

I'm building a custom pc and don't really know what CPU is best. I want an intel core series but I don't really know which one. I will be playing games but not much and I will be multi tasking a lot. But no multitasking and gaming at the same time. I also want to be able toultitask and still have everything run fast. So wants the best INTEL cpu for my needs. Oh and cheapest. Proffer ably under $200 Australian dollars round about $210 USD
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    Go with an I5, 3350P would most likely be in your price range.,3106-3.html
  2. Or an i5-3470.
  3. Well i would say the fx 8350 But since you want intel get the 3570k...its only a bit more than $210 but its worth it :) i got the i7 3820
  4. Ok thanks guys. This really helps. But I think I will get the i5 3470
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