VTX Radeon HD5450 1GB Install problems.


Packard Bell iMedia 1429
XP Home
CPU: Athlon 64 3400+
IG: ATI Radeon Xpress 200
Mobo: American Megatrends MS-7168 v2.0
BIOS: 3.03
PSU: 400W

New GPU: VTX Radeon HD5450 1GB DDR3

Hi, I wonder if anyone can offer advice on some installation issues. I have this oldish (6 years) machine that I use mainly for writing, a bit of surfing and occasional streaming of video. It does it's job absolutely fine but I got an idea that I would like to have a second display and thought I could just install a cheap gfx card (£30 ish) to get two video outs. But I am having trouble with the installation.

The problem is that when the new GPU card is in place I get no display from either the card or the integrated graphics. The HDD and the CPU ramp up as in a normal boot, but unlike normal they do not then throttle back after 2-3 seconds. No beeps or display or anything. I have left it to run for a minute or two to see if it worked itself out but nothing changed and I chickened out in case the CPU overheated. My guess is that it isn't getting anywhere but without display I can't confirm.

I have followed the install instructions, removed the old drivers, checked and changed the BIOS display preferences and even fully disabled the integrated card. I know I haven't fried anything else because if I remove the new card the machine boots up normally. I assume that the card is ok because I have returned it once already and gone through the same process with a second one, to the same effect.

So. To the internets! And there seems to be a compatibility issue with PCI-E 2.1 and some older 1.0 mobos, which of course I didn't manage to notice when I was looking around the first time. I would appreciate some guidance from people who know what they are doing on the following:

1. If it is a PCI-E compatibility problem is there anything I can do about it? I have looked and although my BIOS isn't the most up to date there doesn't seem a lot of point in carrying out/paying for an upgrade that will make no difference. Is there any way to confirm it is the problem or that the BIOS upgrade will help? Is there any other things i could try to get this card working?

2. One of the reasons for getting this card is that I came across a bit of advice that there would be a lot fewer problems installing an ATI card on a motherboard with ATI on-board graphics. But it seems that all the ATI cards are 2.1. Is an nVidia card likely to be an awful lot of hassle? Would it even work?

3. As I said, I really just want the dual display and a bit of help for watching HD video on this machine. Bearing all this in mind, and if the consensus is that my current choice can't be made to work, could you recommend a card that probably will?

Any help would be much appreciated before I am forced to put my fist through the second monitor that i still can't use.

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  1. 1. I dont think that theres a PCI-e compatibility problem
    2. False. Both card will have the same issue. I have AMD FX with a Nvidia GTX 560
    3. Try to upgrade your computer first if you want to have nice fancy graphics even with a normal GPU card.
    4. I think its a memory problem within the Mobo: RAM: 3GB DDR > 1GB DDR3

    Try to look for a video card with DDR memory.
    Good Luck!
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    1. You may well be right but it does seem to be an issue for some people. For example, see what DM186 says in http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/340557-15-pcie-card-pcie. It seems to only be a problem with older 1.0 motherboards but i can't find anymore detail about it or how to check.

    2. Again I'm not sure. ATI cards are advertised as 2.1, nVidia as 2.0. Some people seem to think that makes a difference.

    3. The whole point is to avoid the upgrade. Not the money so much as the waste. This machine is working perfectly fine and i don't really need/want nice fancy graphics, just a second display.

    4. That is interesting. I will investigate further.

    As I said, thank you for your reply.
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