Using a AM3+ CPU in a AM3 motherboard

Here is the thing. My motherboard is a Asus M4A89GTD PRO that officially supports AM3 CPUs. But there is a BIOS update available on the Asus website for supporting FX (AM3+) processors, although it is named "beta".

Do you think it is a good idea to put a FX processor in there? Would I get a nice upgrade or the motherboard would be a bottleneck? Would it be a waste of money?

Also, on the list of processors supported, I see FX-8150, but not FX-8350. If I upgrade, Id like to install a FX-8350 processor. Do you think that would work?

Thanks for the answers.
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  1. all u need to is a bios update
  2. The FX-8350 will NOT work, if it's not on the list!
  3. with the am3 890fx boards that have a beta bios, only the bulldozer cpus are guarentee'd to be compatible, and pretty sure piledriver is not. Havent seen anyone test out a pd on one so if its not on the chart i wouldnt do it.

    If u already have the 8350, im not really wat sure the harm would be done, the only thing is that u'd would have to flash the bios back to the latest non beta version is it doesnt work
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