Display get worse after installing driver. Need assistance.

Recently there is a electric power shut in my area while i left my PC turn on.
My Window XP SP2 was corrupted but that i fixed.

Now my real problem is that the window XP can detect the graphic card and when update was done for the driver; it restart with the minimum display setting 800x600 with 1 or 4 bit colour display.

If i uninstall the driver, it went back to normal 32 bit colours. I tried the CD dirver and auto detect window driver, both have the same problem.

I even get a new graphic card, it is still having the same problem. My motherboard is Asus P5B and both graphic cards are Asus GT520 and EAH4350.

Is it my mainboard that is having problem or some other things?

Need assistance.
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  1. Maybe the motherboard rejects the video card. And try to reinstall the OS to Windows 7 or Windows XP SP3.

    Good Luck!
  2. Thank you for your advise. will try again.

    Many thanks! :)
  3. Use Driver Sweeper to uninstall the old GPU driver as when you install newer drivers, fragments of the older drivers a left behind and can cause stability problems. Then after rebooting from the Driver Sweeper unisntallation, then install the latest driver once more.
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