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What is the best AGP slot video card?

I have yet to build a dual core system, still using my old "super computer' I built many years ago. It is an ASUS board with AGP slot, (no pci express slot) with 4 gigs of dual channel ram, a 3.4 ghz p4 cpu with 1 mb cache. I currently am running an overclocked BFG nvidia 7800 AGP card. In its day it was the bomb. I just loaded Diablo 3 on it, and even though I supposedly do not meet minimum requirements, it plays it fairly well with settings turned down. The only thing I can possibly upgrade would be the video card. Is there an AGP card out there that is better than the 7800? I don't care if it is Radeon or NVIDIA, just looking for more "oomph."
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  1. ATI HD 4670 AGP
  2. Are you running PCI-E or AGP?
  3. AGP, original post i said vga, my bad.
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    The fastest they make is the ATI Radeon HD4670, but those are very very hard to find and also expensive.

    Here is one:
  5. I would not waste the money. Any newer game is going to require at the least a dual core CPU so that Pentium 4 is holding you back more than your graphics card.

    Diablo 3 needs a minimum Pentium D. And no games are fun playing with the minimum specs.

    The 4670 is a decent step up from your 7800 though that will not help your CPU problem.,3107-7.html
  6. Consensus is HD4670. I ordered one at TIGER DIRECT for $115. Thanks for the comments!
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  8. No offense but wasting over $100 on obsolete tech is crazy in my opinion. As I explained your Pentium 4 will hold you back in any game newer than about 2007. You literally need 2 of your processors to run Diablo 3 at the minimum.

    A 3Ghz Pentium 4 is roughly the same as a 1.4Ghz Core2Duo.
  9. Due to the 128bit ram the 4760 is slower than the 3850, but the 3850 is very hard to find now.

    I agree with anort. Spending the cash on a agp card is unwise. You would be better off with a new superlow budget.

    New cpu modern pentium dual core $65
    Board 1155 h61 $45
    4gig ddr3 $20
    There your at like $130
    add in a 6670 at $65 and your at $200.

    You now have a modern-ish computer that has 4 times the ability at double the price. Re-use your case psu hdd(sata) and dvd.

    I went through the same thing a few years back.. I said to my self how much faster could the core2 2.4 be than my p4 3.0... In realitly with games and such its like 10x faster.
  10. SAPPHIRE HD 3850 AGP 512MB AGP is the fastest on planet... Because it uses the fast GDDR3 Memory chips, and 256 bit bus speed ;)
  11. Babayarro said:
    SAPPHIRE HD 3850 AGP 512MB AGP is the fastest on planet... Because it uses the fast GDDR3 Memory chips, and 256 bit bus speed ;)

    Why did you necro a 2 year old thread?
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