Laptop selection i5 Vs A8

I am looking for a good performing economy laptop. my choices are Sony vaio 1511, it was love at first sight ;)
lenovo G580

i am confused between i3,i5 and A8!! i have gone through lot of post-forums- and "corssfire" things and i am now really FRIGHTENED :-D

my requirement is i use dual boot

+ MATLAB regularly
+ (not hardcore but though) good gamming like NFS HP, shift, crisys, Medal of honor etc,
+ day to day use like MS office..
+some times.. extremely rare (video editing, as i help my friends in making documentaries)

so which one to buy?? my budget is around 35,000 RS (means $550)..
this is my first post, sorry for long write up
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  1. Hi rathin2j,
    i3 and i5 are two of the families of Intel's core i processors. You can also have i7 and a couple of other variants such as Pentium and Celeron, but let's skip those for now.
    The i3 is the bottom tier of Intel's processor family (not to say that they're not good, they are, but just to explain).
    The i5 is the next step up and considered to be the best all rounder - great for gaming, applications etc.
    The i7 is for even more intensive applications that require even more complex processing power (to keep it in laymens terms).

    The A8 is from the other big supplier of processors - AMD. The A8 is a hybrid chip; it features both a processor like the i series by Intel, but also a graphics chip contained within.
    AMD's idea (and other guys might correct me) is that if you can combine the two, then it can save time and money. The A8 chip is good for reasonable graphics, but according to some reviews, on its own it's not the best (yet) for playing HD movies, but not owning one myself, I can't comment for definite.
    I personally think that AMD have the right idea; if you can combine the CPU and GPU into one, it saves space and eventually surely it the instructions can be swapped far more easily from one to another. However, I believe that we're only just making the first steps down this road, and it will be a while before we truly get a decent descendant of the A8.
    That said, out of the three laptops you've listed, my preference would be for the Samsung as the graphics are not just limited to the hybrid chip but also to a separate chip as well.
    You also have Windows 7 Home Premium as compared to Free DOS on the Lenevo and Windows 7 Home Basic on the Sony which in my opinion are the clinchers.
    Yes, people will argue you can buy Windows separately, but why increase the hassle.
    The Samsung in my personal opinion will do you fine for all your uses that you have stated.
    Hope this helps.
    Neo Classical.
  2. @Neo_Classical- woow..!! your response is really mature and convincing !! yes you are right, samsung is appearing a GOOD DEAL to me too, will wait for some times, and BTW what about A10?? is it a good processor in "maturity" as you stated??!!

    and apart from that, I am really sorry but due to some technical error, this msg has been posted twice, so please do visit the other SIMILLAR question on the forum, which has input from the others too...

    thanks a LOT!!

  3. Samsung NP300E5X-A01IN 34999rs .
  5. ohh!! wow. thanks for the suggestion, this one is really good(looking) then the lenovo!! bravo!! ;)
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