Mobo dead if beeps are heard?

I have a few questions. One is while I was cleaning off my CPU, some alcohol might's touched it's side, as there was thermal gunk there. Is it ok? Secondly, if beeps are heard when RAM is removed, is my motherboard dead?
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  1. it should be fine since alcohol will evapourate

    your motherboard should beep when the ram is removed. it should also light up (at least for my asus board)
  2. It's ok as long as you didn't the pins, most likely.

  3. even if you did break the pins, just put the broken pin into the motherboard where the pin should have been inside the socket
  4. if it posts, its good to go. might want to check the speaker connections
  5. Yeah it was laying on newspaper, face up when I was removing the thermal paste with cotton swabs and coffee filter. A little bit of alcohol touched the sides. I did dry it off however. I do not hear anything when the mobo starts up though, unless there is no RAM.
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