Single slot ATI 6850 (Micro stutter / 60c whilst idle)

Around 4 months ago I purchased a Power Color ATI radeon 6850 Single sot as an upgrade from my previous ATI radeon 5450. I installed it into my Dell Inspirion 580 and I've recently discovered that it runs at an avg of 100c whilst playing any game and stutters whenever it has to work.

The games I play ( Dota2,DayZ,Starcraft 2 ) that have this problem, my pc can handle fine yet it still stutters. For example in DayZ the animation of the survivor running it is really obvious as the shoulder swings it cuts halfway through and just resets the animation due to the stutter.

I've tried changing the settings for my Catalyst manager but to no avail. I've also updated my drivers to as recent as possible and still no change.
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  1. Its running far to hot you need to sort out some better cooling which may require a new case as the Dell one was never designed to cool a gaming card and the single slot versions do not cool as well as dual slot ones.
  2. I would think part of the reason is that since the card is a single slot card, the heatsink size is much smaller than normal, so if the card is being pushed pretty hard, it would heat up quicker than its 2 slot counterpart
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