Will i7-3820 bottleneck the gtx 690? in sli?

I just bought a new rig through cyberpower. I was debating between the i7-3960x (a six core) and the one stated above (a 4 core). I decided to go with the 4 core as I've read a lot of games do not yet support 6 cores and the 690 was already bringing the price up so high. Also i figured 3.6ghz over 4 cores would be better than 3.3ghz over 6 cores. Was this a mistake? I'm worried about my processor bottle-necking the 690? If I decided to get a second 690 when the prices go down will it bottleneck the 690 in sli?

I wasn't concerned about this until I read someone worrying about the i7-970 bottle-necking the gtx 690. At first I thought it was a little silly but then I got sort of concerned as this is nearly 15% better than my CPU. So I figured I'd ask about it here. Also in the future is there a way to determine whether or not bottle-necking will occur between 2 components such as a CPU and GPU?
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  1. The i7 3820 does 4.7Ghz easy and no even two GTX 690's will not bottleneck.
  2. Depends on your monitor's resolution and the games you intend to play.
  3. Let me put it this way: if the 3820 is your bottleneck, buying a 3960 won't improve things.
  4. and if you're only gaming on 1920x1080, this machine is a serious overkill.
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    Dont worry about bottlenecking.Your CPU is more that powerfull enough for one GTX 690.If youre going to buy another one you should overclock your CPU a bit.Overclocking it to 4 GHZ should be super easy and will increase your performance by up to 10%.
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