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All drivers or just most rescent.

I just built my first gaming pc and now i am downloading the drivers from the asus website. Under chipset drivers it shows a few different ones and i can't seem to find out if i should download all of them or just the top most rescent one. I would apreciate any feedback on this, thanks. again this is the first time i have ever done anything of this caliber with computers so i am a extreme noob.
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    Just the most recent. Installing older drivers is useless as they are automatically uninstalled and replaced by the most recent ones.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I have downloaded the drivers and everything is working fine. I downloaded some software called driver tuner which tells me which drivers need to be updated. Rite now it is telling me 41 drivers out of date. Do you have any opinions or experience with these types of programs. Should i use this software to update my drivers?
  3. I never use that type of application. Let Windows and other installed applications detect and perform their own updates.
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