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built a new computer for 1000$ for the need of something that would be able to run the games i wanted without giving out in 30 mins of gameplay. so i put this setup together and want to know if everything looked good.

Hard drive:

I added some extra tinkering parts for myself since im not much of a person to oc.

Fan monitor:
120mm fan:
200mm fan:
wireless usb adapter:
Hdmi cable:

Just wanted to know if this is any good and if i need to switch any parts around. would appreciate any constructive comments.
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    this is pretty much all you need. no need for extra fans since the standard ones are enough and good

    dont use wifi if possible. if you must, get a internal adaptor and get one that is dual band for lower latency

    fan controllers are useless if all the fans inside are quiet
  2. i just want the fan controller because i can. and what kind of internal adapter would you recommend
  3. telling you now that fractal fans are silent. they will sound the same if you increase the rpm or decrease it

    if you want one, this is pretty much the one id get. very high quality

    digital version

    internal adaptor
  4. ill go with the digital version and is the internal adapter easy to install? is it lik installing a gpu?
  5. get Intel instead of AMD.
  6. yep. slot it in and then screw it in and then just attach the antennas to the back
  7. okay how much better is intel compared to amd because i think there about the same.
  8. it will get you 5-8 more fps in games and overall better results in nearly every benchmark
  9. Intel is better for good reasons, and in the future an i5 3570k will easily outlast an AMD Phenom II X4 or FX-81xx chip. if you dont have the money for an i5 now, u can buy a pentium or celeron untill you scrap up enough to grab an i5. $50 Dual core on the Sandy Bridge arch, better then an older AMD Callisto dual core budget gaming CPU if you ask me.
  10. kevinkannguyen said:
    okay how much better is intel compared to amd because i think there about the same.

    That cpu you chose is ancient lol
  11. lol, i would pick the 965 over a FX-81xx, less power, and still a nice overclocker. They also $50 cheaper, but Intel makes a better chip. Look at this: That is not the celeron, but that chip is $63 on Newegg and it trades blows with your AMD chip. It is also better in single threaded performance, and has less power consumption.
  12. i went with an intel-5 3450 instaed of the amd and swapped the mobo. I guess intel is pretty dominant in cpus then
  13. Definitely, good choice.
  14. the mobo i wanted sold out does anyone have a suggestion for a 80- 120 mobo?
  15. did you read my suggstions?
  16. whats the difference between an h77 and z77? I'm looking at a z77 because of usb 3.0 but not really considering it for the 40$ difference if they are nearly the same board
  17. one can allow for overclocking and one cant. thats about it
  18. TheBigTroll said:
    one can allow for overclocking and one cant. thats about it

    whats up with you presuring EVERYONE to overclock :o
  19. i didnt. i just explained that z77 can overclock and h77 cant. thats it. they are identical other than that fact

    also, z77 boards support SLI. most h77 boards ive seen dont
  20. okay so micro atx or atx xD
  21. how does this board look? and could i fit an aftermarket cooler?
  22. my board was matx. the board you chose is atx. both will allow for installation of a cooler but you arent overclocking give the 3450 has no capability to do so
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  24. thanks everyone for your inquires i have put this build onto my order list and am now ready to start a second build for my friend.
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