Utilizing graphics card to accelerate non gaming desktop application

I'm using sapphire 6450 1-gb . Pentium-d 2.8GHz 2 Gb Ram,
I seldom play games like unreal tournament, max payne.

my problem is how i can use graphics card's power in UDK editor and Autodesk Maya ,photoshop.
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  1. That is typically a feature only found in the more expensive "workstation" versions of video cards: nVidia's Quadro and ATI/AMD's FireGL.

    "Regular" video cards are optimized much more generally for games, not specific programs.
  2. Catalyst control centre for graphics card offers profiles for various application. could that be a way to solve this problem?
  3. it depends specifically on the specific software.

    you should google each software product and see what kind of GPU acceleration they are taking advantage of.

    just put in the specific software product and "gpu acceleration" and you should find some articles giving advice
  4. could flashing bios of a comparable "workstation" card solve this problem . also please suggest comparable workstation card
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