Upgrade to Radeon HD 6870 form Gtx 460

Hey guys, I'm thinking about upgrading my GPU to a Radeon 6870 from a MSI GeForce GTX 460. I was wondering if it will be worth the upgrade, and if I could see what kind of differences I would get.

My max budget is $180, and I have a i3-2100.


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  1. Not worth it as its just not that much better, unless all you want for $180 is a few FPS. Irecently went from a 4870 512mb to a 6950 2Gb and it made most games go from high to ultra which was not amazing and was a much bigger upgrade.
  2. Not worth it. An overclocked GTX 460 is about the same and gives you the PhysX option. In your budget range, you might be able to bump up to a GTX 560 Ti.

    Zotac GTX 560 Ti AMP! for $180 after rebate.

  3. not worth it imo, larger upgrades usually will have at least a 100$ gap inbetween 1 card and another.
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