SLI work across 2.0 and 3.0?

Hey I'm getting a new motherboard, this to be precise . However it's only got one PCI 3.0 slot and one PCI 2.0 slot. I have a GTX 480 and since they are quite cheap now I might consider getting another one in SLI if i need it instead of spending like £400 on a new harddrive. Though I'm not sure if SLI would work if one card was in PCI 3.0 and the other in the PCI 2.0 slot.

Thanks :)
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  1. That is not an SLi capable board, as denoted by the big red "x" in the specification list.
  2. a1an, if the board was free, give it back - get a board that supports SLI
  3. Ok sorry about that... and nope board wasn't free. Well what would you say I should do? Do you think I'm better off getting this motherboard which is more £50 and end up getting a gtx480 further down the line or getting the motherboard I linked originally and just getting a brand new graphics card? I'm not quite sure how the GTX 480 will do me in the next year or year after that... I'll be using 8gb of ddr3 RAm and a 3570 cpu running games at 1080P
  4. So that I understand this straight... you purchased the non-SLI motherboard already, but can return it and for 50 pounds more get a motherboard that supports SLI (the MSI) - so that in the future you can get another GTX480 to SLI with your current card?

    If that's the scenario, I would do that. The MSI is a better board to begin with, and SLI 480's will serve you well.
  5. No I've not bought the non SLI board yet. :) Would you still say get the MSI board? I'm just trying to future proof myself for a couple of years. :)
  6. Yeah, i would go with the MSI either way
  7. Well I just read your post again and the scenario doesn't really seem different so I guess I've got my answer haha
  8. Oh you already replied... thank you :)
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