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Can I use an APU and Radeon 7770?

Hey, I want to build a low end gaming computer with a AMD Trinity A10-5800k (A APU) and a Radeon 7770 (A GPU) that a friend gave to me. Can I crossfire them both, or select to use only one at a time? I would like to limit my little brother to the inferior processing power of the Trinity A10-5800k while I use a higher power graphics card.

So in short I am keeping the A10-5800K and want to know if I could install a better graphics card and have it use only the better graphics card.
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  1. From my research I think the A10 will only crossfire with a 6XXX series. So, you won't be able to.
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    Yes, by hooking up your monitor to the better graphics card it will utilize it, and it alone.
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