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125 volt pc cord

just got a new psu..cord has a label on it that says 125volt 10amp...will this work with normal surge protector or wall outlet?
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  1. Yes. If we are only talking about the cord here then it's likely that what your reading is the max power that the cord can drive.
  2. Oh ok...yes label is on cord only

    Here is psu im using
    Apevia / Aspire 680W Iceberg Power ATX12V and EPS12V Computer Power Supply ATX-IB680W-BL, SLI Ready, Supports PCI-E and SATA.

    So it should work with normal surge protector?
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    Your country is the USA right?.. right!.. then it should work in any wall outlet, surge protector or power strip.
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  5. Thanks to all
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