I5 3470 vs fx 8350

So yeah..
I want one of these 2 CPU's or anything else under $190..
playing BF3, Black Ops 2, GTA and Minecraft :)
What would be the best choice for gaming, and video editing?
thanks :D
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  1. heres a comparision of the two

    you cant go wrong with either
  2. I would go with the 3470 as its faster at gaming, comparable at editing,will run much quieter and use a lot less power.
  3. At stock the 8350 takes around 80w more at nomal load and prime95 100% load


    And if you look at the benchmarks the i5 3470 gets around 20fps more in skyrim than the 8350. skyrim is pretty CPU intensivene thats why it shows a advantage

    so the i5 3470. faster,less less power, and around the same price?

    Its the i5 3470 100% unless your doing things that will use all 8cores which i doubt just snag the i5 and be happy :-)
    http://static.techspot.com/articles-info/586/bench/Power.png <prime 95

    choice is yous
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