HD Radeon 6970

I am looking on upgrading my graphics card (currently HD Radeon 5450) to a HD Radeon 6970 so I can run games smoothly on my computer. I don't know much about compatibility though so I don't know if it will work with my dell Inspiron 580 computer and my power supply (belkin surgemaster F9H710-06). Can someone help me out with this please.

Dell Inspiron 580
Processor: Intel Core i5 750 2.67GHz
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  1. Actually maybe not a 6970 because of the cost, but maybe something more like a 6950.
  2. It will work on your system but your PSU might be a 300w one and I don't think the amps on the 12v are going to be high enough. This is asuming you have a 300w PSU.

    It is recommended to have a 500w PSU so let us know what your PSU is in watts. Even if you have a 400w or a 450w there might be enough amps on the 12v rail. What is this (belkin surgemaster F9H710-06)?

    That is not your PSU it is a surge protector it is what you plug your stuff into. On the PSU is a sticker that has all the info we need to tell us so we can help you. If you have any problems let us know good luck.
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