Best solution for connecting coax cable to pc or monitor?

Hey everyone-

I'm a college student who will be moving into my dorm for my freshman year about a month from now, and I'm in need of some advice concerning connecting the coax cable connection in my room to either my PC or monitor. I currently own an HP Compq 6730s laptop and a DELL U2211H 21.5IN Flat Panel Monitor. If I decide to connect the cable through my computer I'm guessing the easiest option is using a usb tuner. However, I'd rather have it connected directly to the monitor itself, which has a DVI and VGA port (I already own an hdmi to dvi adapter), since it would save me having to leave my laptop on the desk all the time. What I'm really looking for is the absolute cheapest solution since I'm a poor college student without a lot of money to spend on this type of thing. Thanks in advance for your help everyone.

-Sincerely, bobofosho123

P.S. To the forum mod: I'm a complete n00b here, so my apologies if I posted this thread in the wrong place. Feel free to move this if necessary.
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  1. Your Dell monitor does not have any TV Tuning capabilities, which are required to be able to tune in channels. Your only option here is to get a TV Tuner card connected to either a USB port or a PCExpress port on your laptop.

    Something like this AVerMendia AVerTV Express Card TV Tuner would probably work for you. Add in this Hauppauge Remote Control kit and you should be good to go.

    -Wolf sends
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