I5 3450 Ram Running lower than it says on the sticker

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post on this forum but let me start by saying that i fixed many problems by just reading other posts that's the reason why i joined.
I recently changed my rig and went from an i5 750 to my new i5 3450
everything is new except for my RAM that i have not changed in 3 years.
Ok here is the problem, my ram is supposed to be running at 1600MHZ (800mhz) at 1.9v (see pictures below), at least that's what the sticker and newegg Claims, but on cpuz it runs at 533mhz (pc8500 see picture below for complete information), i have read some posts and tried the recommended settings on cpuz but the truth is that i can not touch anything because the computer does not boot or crashes at windows startup and another funny thing you will notice that the sticker and the cpuz id model number are different one says OCZ3G16002G (cpuz) which BTW i think is correct and the sticker says OCZ3G16004GK.
Now that does not bother me as i just play games and standard office stuff on my PC so stock speeds are ok and games play super well, what i have noticed is that my pc crashes every time there is a CPU intensive test like (OCCT or Prime95).
Here are the new build specs:
-CPU: Core i5 3450 Stock (after market cooler)
-Ram: 2X2GB (4GB) ocz pc 12800 Gold Edition
-Mobo: MSI Z77A-GD55
-Graphics : 2x hd6950 Crossfire
-Storage: 2XSATA 500gb hdd & 1x Crucial M4 ssd SATA 3
-PSU: Cooler Master Gx 750W
Very well ventilated CM HAF 932

Things i have tried :
-Changing ram ettings to recommended setting on ocz website and cpuz and RESULT : i can't
-i overclocked the cpu with leaving the ram auto it worked but for a short period of time (so i do not think it is the cpu)
-i also do not think it is the psu as it can handle my crossfire well (no crash during games or any app that does not use the cpu fully), also the problem occurred when i had another psu before i upgraded to CF
- this problem was also on my old mobo with a different psu and i5 750 could not overclock

i might be wrong in saying it is the ram but it"s the only old remaining piece in my pc
if you can help me in to understanding if am right that way i will order a new set of ram and hopefully this new build will work perfectly.
Also is it right it is not bad memory and it's just running too slow for the cpu?
i have included some screenshots to help you with your answers as much as it can.

i have included some screenshots to help you with your answers as much as it can.
The Ram Sticker See the model name
My build is well ventilated and temps are cool(60-65 on load for the cpu)
Bios settings (notice the dram and cpu voltage)
Ram Frequency and cpu frequency all settings are by default
CPU Specs
CPUZ (notice the modelname and frequency)

Thank you for your consideration in advance
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  1. Set the DRAM Frequency to 1600MHz. The i5 only supports ram up to 1333MHz by default, but most motherboards allow it to support more, but require the speed to be set manually.

    If there is no setting at around 1600MHz then your board doesn't support it.
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    Try setting the power mode of your PC (If windows 7) to high performance (start>Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power options) as it may be that your PC is decreasing the base clock in order to save power when at idle, a feature of the new processors.

    This can be confirmed by running a CPU burn test like prime 95 to stress the CPU and seeing if the frequency of your memory rises.
  3. Thank you so much guys i fixed it quickly this morning,
    these babies do not run in dual channel unless they have 1.9V and not the 1.7V as stated on the website.(i guess the sticker was right after all).
    also changed the timings from CL7 to CL8
    that worked perfectly but am changing them anyway because tweaking to run something by default settings isn't that great.
    Already Ordered a pair of Crucial ballistix tactical tracers
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