Trouble cloning to my Kingston SSD Drive


I put in a Kingston SSD and I have created a boot disk for EaseUs 4.0 and it see's the drive but won't let me select the drive to restore my conventional HD to. Any ideas? Let me know your thoughts.
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  1. got enough space on the ssd?
  2. ^ as above, must verify that everything on your "C" drive" will fit on SSD. If Your C drive is larger than SSD But all the files (including hidden files) are less than SSD size then cloning software must be able to shrink the HDD C partition to the Size of the SSD

    First a question, Is the Bios set for AHCI for the HDD. You will need the bios set to ahci for the SSD (For intel chipset (did not see MB make/model) The bios can be set to Raid as long as the SSD is not a member of a raid0, unless willing to give up wind 7 Trim function.
    If Bios was set to IDE mode, already have a problem.

    Cloning a SSD -> SSD is great, But I DO NOT recommend cloning a HDD -> SSD.
    Reason (assuming Bios Controller was set to AHCI and Not IDE):
    .. You will have to manually enable trim in the registry;
    .. Most likely you will not have the Partition aligned. On a clean install to SSD, windows 7 will create a small 100 mb partion and align the partitions properly.
  3. r-sky said:
    got enough space on the ssd?
    Hello and thanks for the reply. The drive is smaller but enough room to handle everything. The computer is the Acer Aspire One D257-1497 Netbook. I just bought Ghost 15 as that is what I used to use but now it doesn't have the disk clone feature. I have both product installed and booting from flash drive. I can install Linux on this drive or Windows with no problems but just having trouble cloning to it.
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