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Hi guys
I'm building a gaming pc, and my dads friend offered to give me a free fan, but its five years old, is this ok to keep my pc cool, or will it overheat, and should I get a new one?
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  1. if its just an old "fan" and not a heat sink then all it will do is move air and help prevent over heating. Although it could be very loud.
  2. Has it been used during those 5 years? I suppose if someone is offering to give something for free to a friend, it should be in good condition or it wouldn't be a nice thing to do to a friend... so by logic it should be safe to use but just to check it, hook it up and with the PC case open start it repeatedly watching if the fan works everytime, also check it doesn't make any abnormal noise.

    Deffects I have noticed on old processor fans, is the wires harden and break, the motor's lubrication dries and they get noisy and/or vibrate, or they don't run everytime.. check these possibilities and if it's ok on all, it's probably in good condition.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys,I will do what you suggested!
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