I7 or i5

Hey guys,

I am building a 2nd computer just for the living room and was thinking of maybe replacing some of the pieces in my current build, what do you think?

Keep my i7 2600k Sandy Bridge & P67 Professional MOBO

Or swap with a i5 3570 Ivy Bridge & Z77 MOBO

I will be using a 660TI GPU, and the P67 doesn't support PCIE 3.0 (not sure how much of a difference that will make)...

Trying to maximize my PC for Gaming and also Adobe AE, Photoshop etc.
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  1. Keep your i7.
    If buying new, get Z77 chipset.
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    Keep the i7+P67

    PCIE 3.0 doesn't give you enough benefit to warrant spending on an all new CPU & Board.
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