Amd A6-4400M vs Intel. longer lasting?

I just bought a new laptop since my old one turned up with a black screen after 3 years of use and I want something that is more reliable than that. The new laptop has an AMD A6-4400M processor. Should I have opted for an intel processor instead, for reliability?

I've been told the AMD will die faster and more dramatically than the intel.
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    That used to be true in the 90's because the AMD chips ran so much hotter than the intel chips. Back then everything ran hot. Cpu chips today run much cooler which equates usually to a longer life. 3 years is very very short for a laptop. I have a 13 year old laptop that still runs. I haven't read anything about the long term reliability of the brands.

    I say enjoy your purchase.
  2. I thought 3 years was pretty short too. However, before the cpu failed there were problems with it needing to be cleaned out and it had been running very hot for about a year. So.... Thanks because now I know better how to treat the new computer.
  3. Heat and moisture are the killers with electronics. Keep is cool and don't spill water on it or drop it and you should have a long life. You have to keep the cooling vents clear.
  4. I just read on this forum that CPU failure means that when you turn on the computer nothing happens.

    What happened to my old computer is that i turned it on and it made sound and lights came on but there was nothing on the screen. When i tried hooking it up to an external screen also nothing came on.

    Do you think that was the processor or the graphics card or are they the same in a laptop or is the whole thing just in a process of becoming toast?

    Do you suppose there's anything worth salvaging from it?
  5. It could be the motherboard is the component that died.

    The only way to find out is to take it into an electronics repair shop. Naturally, you will need to pay to have the laptop inspected, then it'll be your option to have it repaired.

    If not abused by overclocking, overheating or water damage, CPUs can generally last a long time. They have a low failure rate compared to other PC components. There is no statistics available which shows AMD CPUs being less reliable than Intel CPUs.

    From a CPU processing performance perspective, I will say that an Intel CPU can last you longer than an AMD CPU because Intel CPUs can process more instructions than AMD CPUs every 1Hz. Comparing a dual core AMD Trinity APU and a dual core Intel Ivy Bridge CPU with the same clockspeed, the Intel CPU would be roughly 15% - 20% more powerful on average than the AMD Trinity APU. So basically... a 2.0GHz dual core Intel Ivy Bridge CPU would be the equivalent to a 2.3GHz - 2.4GHz dual core Trinity APU.
  6. Thanks, I did take it in and they showed me 3 computers with AMD A6 processors that all died in the same week. They were the ones that told me the AMD's were less stable and more likely to have this happen. They didn't indicate it was the mother board.

    My computer was very likely to have had problems with moisture and heat and I probably murdered it slowly, so I'm not surprised now that I've followed a few posts here. Educational!

    I was just seriously disappointed because 4 weeks earlier I took it to these same guys for evaluation because the keyboard had died (laptop) and a week later got it back "fixed". ($165.00) when what I wanted to know was whether it was worth fixing ($45.00) because I was getting ready to buy a new laptop anyways. They had told me it was that the keyboard had become disconnected and that there were crumbs in it (Quite likely) and that they had taken a bunch of viruses off (all my scans had shown no viruses, but then what do i know).

    So, I thought I would ask you all for advice. I can see now that I should have trashed it then because it died completely as described 4 weeks later, they then told me that it was the "unstable AMD" processor and showed me the other computers with the same problem.

    Any ideas on any of this are welcome
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