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I just purchased a new desktop and put a nice new graphics card in that supports HDMI output. I'm just curious if using the HDMI output for both video AND audio has or can have any effect on my overall video performance due to the fact that the card is processing both video and audio simultaneously. It makes sense to me that it would, but I'm just not sure if the actual amount it affects it is negligible, or if I should use DVI instead and use another means of audio output in order to receive the best video performance. Any information or assistance is greatly appreciated!!
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  1. Video output from DVI and HDMI is equal in quality, the plus for the HDMI connecting to a TV is that it carries Audio as well.
  2. Yeah I know the quality is overall the same and that the only diff is audio, but I'm more concerned about whether or not HDMI loses out on any resources for processing video in order to allow for the transmission of audio, and if for example i would achieve better frame rates while gaming by using DVI so that my GPU doesnt have to process the audio
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    No it will not, there is a separate audio processor.
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  5. Awesome, thats good to know! Thanks a ton.
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