When does Nvidia's 700 series graphics card come out?

Does anyone have any concrete info about when Nvidia's 700 series of graphics card come out?

I've searched around a bit but found nothing conclusive.

I don't even have a clue as to when it's gonna come out.
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  1. No since they have not even finished releasing the 600 series.
  2. Any rough idea as to when they might start with the 700 series?
  3. i would say early to mid next year
  4. Way to early to tell. Try the 600 series im sure you will be satisfied.
  5. The reason I ask is because I wanna get a powerful gfx card but want it to last long time into the future...

    I can't afford to shell out money every 2-3 years on gfx card upgrades, etc...

    Currently I have my eyes set on MSI GTX 670 factory OC gfx card....

    But I don't wanna buy it if it'll only last a couple or 3 years....

    I need a gfx card around 400 bucks which will provide fantastic performance with high fidelity gfx @ 1080p...

    How much will the high performing 700 cards cost according to you guys when it comes out?
  6. Just buy that sweet 670 you will probably feel the need to upgrade in a few years still. But just because better cards come out doesnt mean you need it. Worst case scenario if somehow some new system busting game comes out by the time you need more gpu you could probably get a second 670 cheap.The 600 series is brand new so it will last a reasonable amount of time if your thinking of waiting you will be waiting a VERY long time.
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    Your logic does not make any sense at all, what happens when you buy the 700 series ? there will be another upgrades after you buy yours....upgrades won't stop, the 600 series is powerful and i believe its enough and will last a proper time,,,,
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  9. Thanks to everyone for the answers & yes I will get the GTX 670 :)
  10. Yep we can spend a lifetime waiting because of new stuff coming out all the time.
  11. The only time its worth waiting is if you already have something that gets the job done, if its time for an upgrade its time for an upgrade.

    and FYI nvidia just stated that there finished with development for 6 series cards after they release the 660ti and they will be moving on to the 7 series if you were interested
  12. Nope, because they release the 660, 650, and 650 ti. Not over till it's over, pal.
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