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Hi Friends towday onward 's i have installed a used motherboard zx-i945lm4 but after installing it i could not hear the sound. i have already installed the sound driver but nothing happens. help me
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  1. Some more details would be nice.
    What OS are you using?
    Where are the speakers plugged in? (Front or back) Are you sure the speakers work?
    What software is installed?
    If Windows does the Device manager show any errors?
  2. os = windows xp service pack 3
    speaker's pluged in back. yes the speaker work fine
    realtek ac97 sound driver installed
    yes windows device manager shows ''This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    please help me
  3. Where did you get the drivers because a Code 10 error in Device Manager is saying the hardware can't start usually by a bad driver or incorrect driver installed.

    The first thing is probably a bad driver. Uninstall and reinstall. Don't forget to reboot between each.
  4. several times i have reinstall the driver's and the driver i got from realtek website which is working pastly but now it does not working
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