Something seriously wrong with my computer

So the story starts when my HDD died and i replaced it with a SSD. After this my computer started to restart randomly when i was gaming. (Yea i set the sata type to ACHI from the get go, so not the issue here). I noticed this with Diablo 3, and it would happen after hours of playing, randomly. Then some time later my psu died, and i replaced it with a raidmax power viking 1000watt psu. I don't remember if the random restarts still occured since i did not game much since then.

But now in the last couple of days, my pc started randomly restarting again. Again, this was like 5-6 hours of playing and sometimes not at all. Experienced this 3 times within a span of a week. Yesterday i got my new gpu; a HD 7970, replacing my old 5850. After installation, the random restarts has gotten much much worse since then. My pc restarts within 10 minutes of playing. I tried testing my pc with Heaven Benchmark, where it started to restart again after a good 10 minutes time.

Before i replaced my gpu i had thought that it was my RAM which was corrupted. But now, im starting to believe it is either the psu or motherboard. When my pc restarts, it restarts without ever turning off the lights or fans of the pc, which is the reason i think the fault lies with the motherboard. Also the motherboard is the only common factor from begining to end.

Any advice from a more technical expert would be appreciated

PS: It is not an issue of overheating.
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  1. More than likely its your PSU. Yes its big, powerful etc etc, however its a Raidmax. Im not familiar with that particular PSU but as a general rule Raidmax PSUs are absolute shite. Try another QUALITY power supply. XFX, Seasonic, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling to name a few.
  2. +1get reliable psu instead of a large psu
  3. I had almost the same issues two years ago they they were caused by a faulty graphics card.But clearly that's not your problem.
    I advise you to go and get your PC diagnosed.In my opinion the problem is in the motherboard but i can't say for sure.
  4. getting a 1000w was the most idiotic thing you could do.... first of all because your system will never consume 1000w of power and you got THE WORST 1000w PSU you could find.... that PSU MIGHT provide 1000w of power but MAYBE for less than a second because i am freaking sure that your having a "unstable PSU" problem.

    Return that piece of crap you bought and get this:
  5. Yea i regret buying this psu, im thinking of a Corsair HX 650W PSU
  6. you should be gettng something like a xfx 550w. 550w is enough for most single GPU builds.

    it sells for 49.99 after MIR at us.ncix

    xfx units are the same as corsair units but cheaper
  7. sounds like a bad processor or really a bad motherboard. parts keep going one by one.... think about it.

    if there's no build up of dust on any of the fans or heat sinks and the paste is good on the processor heat sink what's left is the mother board. Not an MSI is it ?
  8. Have you run memtest86+ ?
  9. After installing the 5850 back on, it works just as before. No immediate crashes. This lets me to believe the fault lies with the psu indeed, since the 7970 uses considerable more power, which my psu cant seem to deliver. Getting a new psu in a couple of days, will update on the situation then. Thx for all the replys
  10. I'm pretty suspicious of the SSD myself; the problem cropped up after you replaced the HDD with the SSD, and a failing SSD can 'drop' off your drive listings, if your OS drive disappears, you crash. Not sure if you'd even see a BSOD or get a crash dump, but disable automatic restart on BSOD to see if you can get any info.
    The SSD failure that I've seen started this way, got progressively worse, and often the drive would not be present at startup, throwing a no OS found error.

    Though I agree the PSU is junk, you should probably replace it first and see if your issue is resolved; grabbing a 650W will give you some extra breathing room, but as TheBigTroll said, a solid 550W should be sufficient. Here's a helpful list that breaks down the good/bad PSUs:
  11. For choosing the PSU - is the best. They make most excessive benchmarks to lots of PSU models and brands ; )
  12. basic rule of thumb: get seasonic, corsair, xfx, superflower, pc power and cooling, and other rebrands of sort
  13. New PSU did the trick, thanks for everyone for their time and help :)
  14. Its more important when buying PSUs to base your buying on #1 power needs (realistic ones, no company lists realistic needs), #2 quality of PSU. NEVER ever buy the cheapest PSU cause you want to splurge in other areas. Its the single most important part of your PC.
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