been asked to find an ultrabook for my mother. she is an accountant who moves around alot

All i suggested was she get one with a ssd and a decent battery life.
ANy other suggestions?
budget is around 750 British pounds

ANy suggestions?
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  1. An SSD certainly if it's going to be carried around a lot, and if I had around £700 to spend I would buy a Sony Vaio model. They are available in Ultrabook spec. and you should find one within your budget, at least from an online supplier anyway.

    I've always found Sony build-quality & reliability to be top-notch. Not exactly cheap but you get what you pay for in technology goods.
  2. I'd second the Sony Vaio. Vaio T's are their ultrabook line, however their Vaio S series are almost the same size/weight with more processing power (maybe outside your budget though). I know the Vaio S has a removable HDD, not sure about the T; but in general installed SSDs are rediculously expensive, you're better off adding your own from newegg.

    Also found the lenovo U410 to be a nice offering.
  3. cheers guys. much appreiated!!
    did like the lenovo but hadnt heard of them so dismissed it. will have another look now
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