Screen goes black when I change resolution to 1920x1080.

I recently got a new TV cabinet for my TV (that i use as a monitor) and I thought that I would need a smaller case for the computer (that I play movies on) so it would fit in the new TV cabinet. however, I found that the new case was to small to have the same psu, and the only psu that would fit in it was as loud as the Saturn 5 rocket. that's all irrelevant, what is relevant is that I moved each component (mobo, graphics card etc...) into a new case and half a day later I moved them all back to their original configuration in the same case. I plugged the TV, power, keyboard/mouse and... nothing. The TV was showing a no signal message that was bouncing around the screen. I thought it was the mobo at first, so I replaced it, that didn't work, I replaced it with another mobo, and it still didn't work. i then out the original mobo back, and put another graphics card in, and it worked. until i tried to change the resolution from 1360x768 to 1920x1080. when i did so, the TV went black (didn't show no signal message) and i had to wait until it timed out and went back to original settings. I then assumed that the graphics card couldn't handle 1080p, so I got the best graphics card in the house (from my main computer) and shoved it in the computer.
It also went black when I put the resolution to 1080p. I then proceeded to screw my face up and post on these forums. (this is all very old hardware that I strip from computers that I get from the local dump)

TV is "Dick Smith 40" Full High Definition LCD TV"
(I have no other 1080P displays that i can test the computer on)

Mobo: gigabyte ga-eg31m-s2

original graphics card:

graphics card I replaced original with:

I have Ubuntu 12.04 installed on all my computers and i do have the nvidia drivers installed on Ubuntu and it is a fresh install of Ubuntu too.

I tried the original graphics card in my main computer and sure enough, it is broken.
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    Have you tried using another display port? Don't know which one you are currently using.
  2. What is the brand and model number of the TV? "Dick Smith 40" Full High Definition LCD TV" could mean almost anything. The TV probably only supports 720p max resolution which is an acceptable (although somewhat misleading marketing jargon) interpretation of Full High Definition.
  3. this is the exact TV I have the TV is 1080p, and the same configuration was working one week ago at 1080p. and yes, and there is only one port on the graphics card that supports 1080p, the DVI port. s-video and VGA don't support 1080p (on this graphics card anyways) . I tried the HDMI port and the DVI port on the graphics card from my main computer with the same results.

    I also found that the TV says no signal when I put the DVI to 1080p. I am going to try my main desktop with the TV. It will (hopefully) prove the TV is not a fault.
  4. well i plugged in my desktop and it worked. so I put the grapics card from the TV computer in my desktop and it also worked, the replaced the motherboard on the tv computer twice, and after a day of getting nowhere I just thought that it might be the HDMI cable. so i replaced the HDMI cable and IT WORKED! i dont understand how a HDMI cable can cause something like this, but now it works.
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