Dual Monitors- I have no idea what I am doing.

I have built my computer. Done. Now, I want to run dual monitors, and I know I need a video card. This is for work purposes only... NO GAMING, barely watching video. What card can I get to have dual monitors with two of [these monitors]( I need to plug two VGAs in somehow, but... How? Do I need two graphics cards with one VGA on each, or one graphics card with two VGAs, or one graphics card with one VGA, one DVI, and use an adapter, or use one VGA on my motherboard, and one on the graphics card? I have no clue what to do! If you can only tell me what to look for that would be awesome! If you could give me a link to a product, and tell me what to do with it, that would be even greater! 
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  1. You need a card that can support multi-monitor such as AMD Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround.

    What I'll suggest is a 7750.

    You definitely need 1 displayport to vga converter (to use for Eyefinity):

    Also, 1 DVI to VGA converter:
    DVI to VGA

    From the card cable you use the converters to plug into your monitors.

    Hope that helps :)
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    Pretty much any card will run dual monitors. You only need an eyefinity capable card if you are planning on running 3-6 monitors. If both of your monitors are vga only you may need to pick up a dvi/vga adapter, like the one fantastic250 suggested (although some cards come with an adapter like that). When you say "work purposes only" I assume you mean business apps, outlook, word, excel, and the like, not photoshop or autocad and solidworks and such. If you tell us your budget we can recommend some cards. Also, you will need to make sure your psu can supply enough power to run the card and your system.
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