Thermaltake water 2.0 performer or FRIO OCK

Hi, I just want to ask which of these two cpu cooler is better. I do not have plans on purchasing a corsair brand water cooler because Thermaltake is my personal favorite brand. ^_^

so what do you think. my processor is the AMD FX 8350 at stock speed of 4.0 ghz and I am not going to overclock it.

my current cooler which is the coolermaster s524 gemin II seems not enough as my processor reaches 58c+ while playing bf3 online.

Thanks for the help guyz.
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  1. just go with the frio, the watercooler is overkill to be honest, plus the frio is pretty good looking (depending on the colour you choose of course). the frio is plenty enough for what you are doing with it, but make sure you have the case clearance for it, it's a big piece of kit.
  2. I was with the exactly same doubt so I searched a lot of reviews and figured out that In fact Frio is BETTER than the Water 2.0 performer!
  3. Most allinones can be out-performed by aircoolers and despite your love of the brand, TT watercooling kit is very low level and put bluntly, crap.
    You are much better served with the frio here
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