Upgrading GTS 250

I'm sure you guys get a ton of questions like this so I apologize in advance for another.

I built my computer ~4 years ago. Since then I haven't been too up to date on my computer knowledge (although I should being a tech at Staples) but I want to upgrade my GTS 250.

What would be my best bet for something $150 and under. I plan on gaming more on my computer but for now I really just play GTA IV, Diablo 3, few need for speed games. Was playing Crysis a lot when I first got the computer. I get ~40 fps in GTA running all medium settings 1920x1080.

Full specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.8ghz
4gb RAM
Asus P5Q-SE2 Motherboard

I figured upgrading my graphics card won't do me much justice since my processor is so old. But just wanted to double check.
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  1. CPU: Good (Can handle high-end games)
    RAM: Good (Max it optional)
    Mobo: Good
    Video card: I suggest a ATI HD 6000/7000 series card

    In a few months/years you should upgrade all your computer to a i3 or AMD FX
    if you want to go better with gaming.

    Good Luck!
  2. Thanks for the comment. I don't know much about ATI cards any specific one I should get?
  3. I would go for the Radeon HD6850. I would ask what power supply you have for the computer, but if you are running a GTS250, you should be able to run a 6850.


    Here's a chart that will show the difference between the two in tiers:


    The 6850 is a 2-tier jump, which is pretty big.
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