Best Blue-LED Backlit Keyboard?

So I'm looking for a keyboard that's good for gaming but also is not horrible to type with for my new custom gaming pc. I'm looking for something with blue-led backlights however, and I don't want to pay more than $70 dollars on it. I don't need all those G keys on the side of the keyboard, because I will most likely never use them. I'm going to be playing games like BF3, LoL, Guild Wars 2, and other FPS as well. I just need something that is good for gaming and is also illuminated blue to match my case and mouse. If you have any ideas or recommendations then I would highly appreciate it! :)
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  1. This seems like a good option, and has all the G-keys you could want :D.
    Logitech G110. $66
  2. Mechanical?
  3. Best Blue Backlit KB for me..

    Corsair Vengeance K90 Black/Metal USB Wired Gaming Performance, MMO Mechanical Keyboard -->> $110

    Cheapest Blue Backlit KB around..

    A4-Tech Blue LED-backlit Illuminated Multimedia Keyboard (English/USB/Black) with LED Power On/Off button and Multimedia One-touch hotkeys -->> $40
  4. I've got a Logitech Yu95.
    Unfortunately it regularly misses keystrokes. Logitech tell me this is a compatibility problem between USB types (using a Logitech cordless mouse as well) I'vetried moving the keyboard to another port but nothing helps.
    Any suggestions - the keyboard may shortly be toast.
  5. This is a really nice Keyboard, but its in NZ you could probably find it on NewEgg though.
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