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GTX 560 or HD 6850. It gets odd though.

I know the 560 is better, but theres this one card-

that is just as expensive as this 6850-

Now they both have their perks. the 560 comes with photoshop- a nice little addition. The 6850 comes with Dirt3, also a nice addition. Why would the 560 be similar in price to a 6850? Is it extremely handicapped or somthing? Mind you, they both have rebates and discounts as of now, but still.

Or, should i get a 7770 like this-
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More about 6850 though
  1. That's the GTX 560 SE, which is a cut down version of it. Though you won't find much information on the 560 SE, it performs similarly to a 6850. The original 560 is comparable to a 6870.
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    The 560 se is a very watered down card, many more of its resources are disabled and it is underclocked. It's just not a good buy as a single card. It is better than the 550 ti by a lot.
    However, a well built 560 se could be used perfectly in an sli setup, at $260 that would be more powerful than a gtx 580 which would be an excellent deal.
    For a single card at the $130 price point I recommend the 7770 and at the $170 price point the following gtx 560:
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  4. Got a 7770 :)
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