No display signal

Hello, I just built a build with

Asrock extreme 4 z77
i5 3570k
8gb 1600 Gskill ram
Gigabyte gtx 670
VH236H asus monitor
(that's it for vital information)

Whenever I boot the computer, it successfully boots but there is no monitor signal at all (DVI/VGA/HDMI) I have tried to move the cables from the video card directly to the mobo slots but nothing changes.

It has successfully sent out signal on occasion a few hour earlier (maybe 1/3 boots, in fact the computer no longer shuts down whenever I hit the power button but that's a problem for later) but now it will not send any signal out all. I had just installed the latest nvidia drivers and a few drivers Asrock provided as well as installing all windows updates. I have no idea what to do.

Sorry if this is kind of in the wrong section.
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  1. Hey try this , start ur pc but do not turn ur monitor on after 2 min or so switch it on. This technique works for my frend.
    remember : monitor must be turned on after 2-3 min.
    monitor must not be connected in ups plug it in different plug.
  2. don't use the plug that came in the box?

    and I'll try that. (not sure how it'll work but it's better than nothing)
  3. Ok I ...

    Pulled out the 670. It boots fine and I get display signal (with the onboard graphics)
    Put the 670 back in. No signal
    Moved the 670 to the other PCI3 slot... the mobo doesnt detect the card.
    Then I went into the bios and set the PCI 3 speed to Gen1 (don't really know what that means) and plugged the 670 in, no signal
    Used the cables that came with the card (molex to 6/8 pin) still no signal

    Is this a dead card?
  4. yeah i also think so replace it if it is i n warranty
  5. It seems to be a dead card. What PSU do you have?
  6. ATX 850W

    anyway, I RMA'd the card and the new one works. So now I'm happily maxing out everything. Cheers! :D
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