PC turns on but no video signal after upgrade

Hello, friends.

I´m having a problem. I´ve built a system 5 months ago consisting of an ASUS P8H61-LE mobo, core i3-2120 processor, radeon 6850 video card and 6gb kingston value ddr3 1333 memory, PSU is an Antec HCG-520. Until yesterday 1pm everything was working perfectly.
Yesterday I got a core i5-3450 and a Radeon 7850 to upgrade my system. Got home about 8pm and installed cpu and videocard without problems. Turned on the PC, everything apparently worked fine, all fans spinning, but no video signal to the monitor. Checked all connections, reseated videocard, but no change. Thought it could be a faulty video card, then plugged my old radeon 6850 back. And guess what? Nothing happened, no signal to the monitor. Checked everything again, reseated processor, memory sticks, everything. No luck.

Any ideas of what may be happening? I don´t even know if its POSTing, because in never beeps when it does POST normally. System was working perfectly 8 hours before the upgrade, so i dont believe is a faulty dvi cable or things like that.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Did you try putting the old processor back in? If that works, try the old processor with the new card. Maybe your new CPU is DOA?
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    Your CPU may not be supported with your board or you may need to update your bios first.
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  4. That´s exactly what happened. I had not updated my board's BIOS and it didn´t recognize the new processor. Had to install the i3, then update the BIOS, and now everything works fine. Thanks for the input, guys!
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