AX850 outer problem :(

does corsair AX1200 AX850 AX750 AX650 uses the same modular cables???
because I lost some of my cables when I moved and now im in despair of thinking of where to buy replacement cables :(
if its the same then maybe i can buy a new cheaper psu (ex. ax650)
1. I dont have a credit card to buy on the internet.
2. Im a foreigner that lives in japan
pls help me pls help me :(
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  1. I believe the AX650, AX750 and AX850 cables are compatible and interchangeable with each other. As far as I know, the AX1200 is the one not compatible with the AX series (I meant regular Gold AX series, not the newer platinum AX and AXi)

    You could contact (email, facebook, forum) Corsair about this to have a more accurate answer. They're a very friendly company.
  2. @ko888

    Those are for the individually sleeved cables. It does indicate which cable are compatible with the psu model though.
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