Gaming build, NEED green Light

Heya so I asked and got some very good advice about parts for my budget ect and have had to change to get decent stuff for my budget so I have a few Questions and a green light needed before I go ahead abd build it.

Purchase - next Week
Budget - £700
MUSTS - Be able to play WoW on max, Skyrim on max, all other games on reasonable settings pref max ofc :P but high at least

GPU – HD 7870

MOBO – Gigabyter Z77 Chipset Mobo

CPU – i5 3570k

PSU – XFX 550w

COOLER- Hyper 212

HDD- Seagate 1TB

RAM- GieL Black Dragon 8Gb low Profile

CASE – Corsair 300r

Total is £694.17

thanks for reading and any advice and green lights appreciated :)
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  1. Bump, What I meant was Green lighted I just worded it wrong lol, wanted to know if this is a good build ect

    But Now that I see them they look cool, maybe I need to invest in some.
  2. lol at green lights.

    The build looks fine to me. I would personally swap the Seagate HDD for a Samsung Spinpoint F3. Never heard of GeiL, so not sure how good that ram is; doesn't mean it's bad, just unfamiliar.
  3. Looks great to me.

    If you can, consider Using a SSD of 120gb instead of the 1tb hard drive.
    The cost will be similar.
    120gb is sufficient for the os and a handful of games.
    Later, if you need more room for storage, add a hard drive when the current high prices have returned to normal.
    In the mean time, a SSD will make everything you do feel so much quicker.
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