GTS 450 SDDR3 1G or ATI 5750 GDDR5 1G ???

GTS 450 SDDR3 1G:
I know is a newer card but the shitty sddr3 is *** :| ! In crysis 2 i get constant fps (21-25) no matter what the settings are! I know ... is because the GPU can handle but the memory not.The bandwidth is: 17,1 | Texture fillrate is: 25.1 | Pixel fillrate is: 6.3 | I ***...

ATI 5750 1G:
Is like a 9800gt that supports DX11! Is much older than GTS 450 but performs better than my GTS witch is the sddr3 v.

What should i pick? between these 2 cards of course!
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  1. GTS450 Vs HD5750. They're both ranked on the same level as far as the hierarcy chart is concerned. That said, I would go with the HD5750 because of Gddr5 and dx11. That's just my opinion though.
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