Motherboard advice for crossfire 7950

I'm using:
i5 3570k
fractal design r3 case
OCZ ZS Series 650w (Is this powerful enough? :\)
2x Radeon 7950

Basically I'm looking for a reasonable priced motherboard that will do this crossfire set up justice.
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  1. 1: id get a define r4 case. more cabling features and a overall better design
    2:id get something like a xfx xxx 750w psu. much better unit
    3: id skip crossfire. get a single xfx 7870 for 224.99 after MIR for now and get one later on down the road when you actually need that performance. you clearly dont need it now
    4:a nice board like a gigabyte z77x-ud3h will do you good
  2. That's sort of what I was planning on. I was going to get one 7950 for now and add another later when I need the performance boost. Sorry I didn't fully explain what I was planning on doing.
  3. That looks like a pretty decent board to me!
  4. *Hmmmm IF you need that much performance then yes... get dual 7950s but another great idea would be to buy a 7970Ghz edition and a nice 750w PSU like this one

    *As for the motherboard, there is nothing better than this one

    *Get a Phantom,Phantom 410, Fractal design R4, Antec DF-85 or a Cooler-master HAF-XM/Storm trooper/storm stryker
  5. the ud3h broke the world record once for ivy bridge oc (sure its beaten by the full out up7 from gigabyte with 32 phase power that can handle 2000w of power)
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