Computer turns on and turns off a second later.

I just bought a computer and I set it up, turn it on and it turns off again a second later then will not respond any more after that.

I sent it back to the company and they called me saying it was working that it just turned on and off but started up again 3 seconds later.

So I receive the computer back and set it up once more to find that it is still doing the same.

Am I doing something wrong when I'm setting it up, like having a mouse and keyboard plugged in or is it to do with there not being and OS installed yet.

Any help would be amazing.
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  1. If you bought this off the shelf and wasn't built by you I'd try the below. They may sound silly, but just try them. By the way what brand is it?

    - Plug it directly into the wall and not through a power stripe. If that doesn't fix it take it to another room that is on a different circuit breaker and try directly in to the wall.

    - Replace the power cord and try a new one, maybe swap from a monitor or something. I've seen a bad power cable before and I was very frustrated by the time I figured it out.

    - turn it on without anything plugged into it like monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. I've seen some really strange things already where a keyboard made a PC reboot.
  2. A computer that is working properly should not turn off and then back on 3 seconds later. If the company told you that, you should take it back for a replacement or repair.
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