Gta4 runs slow with 6770 from xfx

my graphics cards fan gets noisy while playing gta4 or sometime the game stucks for a while then starts running can anybody help my pc specs are
pentium dual core e5700 3.00ghz
2gb ddr3 ram
450w power supply
intel dg41wv motherboard
xfx radeon 6770
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  1. Check drivers , get the new one!
    It can be from PSU but only in GTa 4 you have lags?
    What PSU brand do you have?
  2. The PSU is fine, the 6770 is not a 6990 in energy usage.

    @ OP: What settings are you playing this game at? You can try turning down a few graphic settings to boost FPS as GTA 4 is poorly coded and even brought high end GPU's of it's era to their knees.
  3. Yea we'd have to know what settings you are playing on.

    But right off the bat, I can already tell your RAM and CPU are bottle-necking the graphics card for this particular game.

    GTA4 is very demanding and as El Tigre said it wasn't ported very well to the PC.

    So try turning some settings down and see how that works out. But don't expect good results at all from this game.
  4. GTA4 was complained about by so many for so long Tom's put a "sticky" up somewhere for it.

    your card probably only has 1gig vram, the processor is only dual core, and you only have 2gigs of ram on your machine.......... let's see................... ????
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