A new CPU to fit my new GPU? (And more)

So soon, by next weekend, i'm going to order a GTX 660ti Graphics card. Until then, I'm on my 550ti.

While playing bf3, I noticed that my cpu gets upto 80-95~% on the large maps (64 player conquest ones), And I ran a CPU test on Guild wars 2, and was a steady 72% in the main city walking around. (Probably not the best benchmark testing eh? xD)

So the point of this thread is to kill multiple questions.

1: My current gpu is an AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 925 processor, is that suffient enough for my gaming without some harsh bottleneck?

2: Say I turn my graphics in a game up, or switch a monitors resolution to a 1080p one (Planning on going for the visuals now :) ), Will higher graphics put more load on a cpu?

3: If a replacement is indeed needed, can I get a link of a new processor (Budget would be 150ish) that'll run everything as smoothly as it could?

Thank you!
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  1. 1 It is an OK CPU with the current card but would bottleneck the 660Ti on current resolution.
    2 swapping to higher resolution it loads the GPU more so after upgrading to the 660Ti will help reduce CPU bottleneck.
    3 Not knowing your motherboard it is impossible to suggest replacement CPU but have you considered aftermarket cooler and overclock?
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    Your AMD processor loves any "CPU utilization" and more importantly, there are a good many Denebs that take a nice little OC even at low volts.

    I've got one :D You should be able to go 240-250MHz (depending upon your RAMs speed) with the system clock if your motherboard has any *jam* It can't be worse than mine (Biostar nVidia nForce 6150/430 AM2) That will get you to 3.36GHz-3.5GHz

    That speed will eliminate any questions you may have about 'bottle-necking' in certain situations.

    I can look up the VCore for you but it doesn't matter. It's LOL-low. Like 1.23v at load.

    That said, if you have $$$ burning a hole in your pocket, the AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb is $85 with code thru the 23rd....

    BUT, you could just get a CM Hyper212+ for $25, and an HD7950 [:lutfij:4]
  3. in games like u need a better gpu i would go with the 7950 instead of 660ti
  4. So it's assured that my cpu might bottleneck a 660ti. (Also, no thanks to Ramzzz2936 on this thread).

    But one of my questions has not been answered clearly..

    Say I go from low graphics to ultra in like bf3, will the cpu load increase? Not the gpu, the cpu. x.x
  5. The CPU load does not increase the GPU load does.
  6. Perfect, Thanks guys. I'll consider the cpu that Wise linked after purchasing the 660ti. Was planning on getting a 1080p monitor, but performance over looks, amiright? :P
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