Defect motherboard or processor (CPU)?


I had this home-built computer now for like 2 years or 3. But yesterday when i pushed the turn on button, the light under the button went on for 1 second and then died, then noting worked anymore, only the light on my motherboard is on.

I have the following problem: i don't know if my motherboard is defect or my processor.

I have tried the following 2 things:

- i have connected the power supply to my motherboard, inserted my processor and the cooler for my processor. When i did so... the light under my turn on button turned on for 1 second and then went off. Nothing else happened. The cooler fan didn't spin not even for 1 round.

- then i took out the processor, so that i had only my motherboard, power supply and the processor cooler (fan) connected. Then i pushed the turn on the computer button and the light below turned on and was on like it's when the computer still worked normal + the cooler fan started spinning normal.

So my question is... Is the cpu dead or are the cpu pins on my motherboard defect (the pins on which i put/insert my cpu)?

All help is welcome, thank you!
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  1. Hello there, I got that problem recently too and it solved by replacing the Power Supply.

    I think there's failures on your PSU so the power got reduced or something so it couldn't give enough power for the CPU.

    Therefore I'm new for this tech things, perhaps we should wait for expert's opinion.
  2. hi,

    the PSU works on my better computer, so i don't think that it's the PSU in my case. :(

    thanks for the help anyways! :)
  3. Try using the CPU on another PC to check if its the problem.
  4. don't have another PC with similar hardware to test. :(
  5. Try the PSU from your better computer in the one having problems.
  6. mikerockett said:
    Try the PSU from your better computer in the one having problems.

    Done that. It's the same with both. :(
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