GTX 295 vs GTX 550Ti SLi

Im thinking of upgrading my graphics card, i have one gtx 295 is it much of an upgrade to go from the 295 to GTX 550Ti SLi?
p.s. I have a i7-860 processor with the 1156 socket i heard that those 1156 mother boards where not that good with sli is that true?
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  1. GTX 295 is much faster card. GTX 550 Ti SLI would be a downgrade.

    Check the hierarchy chart: GTX 295 is still in league with GTX 480/GTX 570:,review-32481-7.html
  2. Go with the GTS55TI SLI it has new tech in it... gts 295 is a bit old
  3. If you care about DX 11, then I would get at least GTX 570 for the price of both 550 Ti's, but if you can, a EVGA GTX 670 FTW is a much better upgrade and would curbstomp your current GTX 295.

    Your current CPU and mobo is fine for now, it has some life in it left. I'm still on my aging X58/i7 920 setup but still plays all the games I throw at it with my GTX 670 FTW on ultra @ 1080p.
  4. Quote:
    550ti SLi would be a sidegrade imo..

    What budget do you have?

    Hmm i have about 300 euros i think, thats aabout 370$
  5. Whats the main difference btw dx 11 and dx10?
  6. Quote:
    Newer tech means nothing.
    Raw performance means everything.

    My friend has a GTx 260 OC and i have a GTS450 ... I ca run games much better with my gts! we have the same specs
  7. lol, a GTX 295 destroys your GTS 450. Big difference there buddy ;)

    The only difference between your GPU and your friends is you have DX 11 vs him having DX 10.1.
  8. Nilliboy said:
    Hmm i have about 300 euros i think, thats aabout 370$

    Go for the EVGA GTX 670 FTW if you can get one, another good card is the ASUS GTX 670 DCII TOP. Both of those should be within your price range and will outperform your GTX 295 while using less than half the energy and such.

    DX11 is better than DX10 in visual quality and has tessellation, and overall better coded than DX 10.
  9. But i dont get it on paper it doesnt make any sense, correct me if im worng here.
    1 gtx 295 = 2 downgraded 270's. And 1 GTX 560 Ti is better then 1 gtx 270 so how come 2 gtx560 ti are not as good as 2 gtx 270s?
  10. Since you originally said the 550 Ti, that would be a downgrade. But the SLI GTX 560 Ti would surpass it. I personally would go for the EVGA GTX 670 FTW as that card beats even the GTX 560 Ti in SLI and you don't have the micro stuttering of SLI to deal with. It's also cheaper than 2 560 Ti's.
  11. Yeah haha i originally ment 560 i dont really know why i started talking about the 550's. Now i see things more clearly thank you guys :D
  12. No problem, now go upgrade your GPU to the GTX 670 and you will be able to play BF3 on ultra 50+ FPS @ 1080p. lol
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